Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mingling of ideas and individuals...

by Karen Coppock

United Nations Foundation along with Stanford University's Woods Institute for the Environment and Precourt Institute for Energy held a reception at Stanford last night.

Appears that the UN Foundation holds it board meetings in different locations and takes advantage of these meetings to host receptions in which executives, non-profit leaders and academics mingle and network. Last night was one such event.

Many familiar faces were in the crowd including members of
Cisco's Emerging Market team and the New American Foundation, executives from TechSoup Global and InSTEDD, and prominent UN Foundation Board members and staff (Ted Turner, former Senator Timothy Wirth and Dr. Nafis Sadik).

Greatly enjoyed speaking with
Craig Criddle a Professor of Environmental Engineering & Science and Senior Fellow, Woods Institute for the Environment. He and his team are doing some very interesting work on using methane to create biodegradable plastic bottles - will save money and decrease carbon emissions - a win/win proposition that is not being lost on the private sector.

All is all was an excellent event. Thank you UN Foundation for hosting these receptions in conjunction with your board meetings, think the mixing of diverse people and ideas can only lead to positive results and enjoyable conversations.

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