Monday, June 14, 2010

Excellent resource on mobile money

by Karen Coppock

The GSMA just launched its 2010 Annual Report on its Mobile Money for the Unbanked initiative. This report is an excellent resource on the current state of mMoney initiatives across the globe, which a particular focus on initiatives rolled out in emerging markets.

Why is this important? More than 2.7 billion mobile phone subscribers across the globe now have access to mMoney services (key clarification - access to mMoney service does not necessarily equate to using it). All of the top eight mobile operators have some type of mMoney service or initiative and a total of 60 mMoney services are offered to subscribers around the world. A few years ago M-PESA seemed to be the only game in town, this has changed significantly and all indications are that mMoney is here to stay.

The report sheds light on several key topics:
  • regulatory questions
  • building, managing and incentivising mMoney agent networks

It also fleshes out case studies on:
  • Zain Zap
  • Different approaches to achieve scale: True Money and M-PESA 
  • Philippines experience with mMoney - one of the pioneers in mMoney 
Thank you GSMA for another informative report on the state of mServices around the world.

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