Sunday, October 11, 2009

Insights on Health Information

Vital Wave Consulting is pleased to announce two exciting developments that address the growing interest around the use of information technology to improve global access to health care.

The first is the release of a new study entitled Health Information Systems in Developing Countries: A Landscape Analysis, a research report sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The paper seeks to analyze and characterize the developing-country landscape of national HIS ecosystems review some prominent individual examples of HIS implementations in the field to:

  • identify the critical success factors
  • determine the building blocks of scalable, sustainable projects that can strengthen health systems and improve health outcomes.
The report is the product of extensive field research around the globe and interviews with dozens of the world’s leading experts on national and regional health information systems.

The report will be housed on a new forum called Insights on Health Information - A Global dialogue on the intersection of health and information technology. The website also has forums that will allow for continued dialogue on the role of IT in health systems, as well as features that allow users to upload their own reports and information on HIS developments in different regions and in areas such as best practices and impact research. The site's library also contains links to papers and websites that will help users get better acquainted with the universe of resources available in the health information space.

We hope that both the report and the forum may serve to stimulate constructive conversations on how technology can play a role in improving access to quality health care for all. We welcome your participation and feedback.

The new website can be found at

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