Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Txt to Citizens...

by Karen Coppock

Citizens across Sri Lanka learned of rebel leader Prabhakaran's death via a text message sent out by the Sri Lankan government. The message was also broadcast on TV.

More than 50% of Sri Lankan's own mobile phones while only around 5% own PCs. This ratio is pretty typical of emerging markets where mobile phones dominate due to their low cost (often facilitated by business model innovations such as pre-paid calling, calling party pays, please call me back services) and utility (in a study Vital Wave Consulting conducted on mobile phones in emerging markets, everyone from maids to dry cleaning store employees to tamale street vendors cited the importance of the mobile phone for their business and earning potential).

When developing solutions for emerging markets, keep in mind that even the Sri Lankan government sees the mobile phone as a key component of its outreach strategy.

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