Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bypassing the Network May Connect the Unconnected

This week’s nugget was unearthed when a little-known telecommunications company promised to bring to market a mobile phone that can bypass operator networks and enable users to text and make free calls to people within a one kilometer radius. Sweden-based TerraNet believes the technology addresses the need for communication in developing countries, especially in rural areas where operator networks do not exist, and could also aid in disaster relief. The technology can even be used for free phone calls outside the immediate vicinity if there is a broadband-enabled PC with Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) capability within range. Focusing on areas without existing operator networks, TerraNet intends to launch a commercial network in 2008 with revenue models based on licensing and handset sales.

Though TerraNet's technology requires special handsets, the company hopes it will eventually be a feature available on standard phones. Phone manufacturers, however, will have to overcome the objections of operators if they intend to offer a service that bypasses the operator’s network to make free calls. Indeed, many operators – focused relentlessly on competition from other operators and maintaining ARPU (average revenue per user)
may not be prepared for a competitive threat like TerraNet’s solution. Because consumer needs and user habits differ considerably in emerging and mature markets, a solution could quickly become formidable competition in emerging markets while not posing a threat in developed countries.

While TerraNet’s solution poses a threat to telecommunications companies, Vital Wave Consulting suggests that it may also present an opportunity for PC maufacturers and local entrepreneurs. Mobile technology that taps into a connected village PC for free VoIP calls could present not only a lifeline to the outside world but a strong enough value proposition to prompt community or entrepreneurial investments in PC-based connectivity for longer-distance communications. TerraNet’s solution is also a reminder that multinational technology corporations doing business in developing countries would do well to look far outside traditional technology and business model solutions to understand competitive threats and accurately identify growth opportunties.

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