Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Nokia's Emerging Market Strategy Connects the Dots

Nokia quietly demonstrated a solid emerging market strategy this week with technological, marketing, sales and distribution innovation in India.

The world’s leading handset maker launched seven new mobile phone designs with
functions and features to meet the needs of rural Indians. The new phones have ruggedized exteriors, longer battery life and discrete user phonebooks and call-time limits to make sharing easier. Nokia’s announcement received more coverage by local Indian press until Business Week reported sightings of colorful Nokia vans in rural areas – part of an innovative marketing scheme to promote the new phone models among first-time buyers and potential upgrade customers.

Nokia’s comprehensive strategy may help boost their market leadership in India, which fell from 80% last year to about 67% today. As more high-tech multinational companies successfully penetrate rural and mass markets in developing countries, the opportunity will expand for application providers. Enabling the delivery of relevant services such as electronic remittances and health information will benefit an underserved consumer base and the companies that serve them.

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